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Metzer 5 1/4" High White Solar 2-Light LED Flood Spot Light
Metzer 5 1/4" High White Solar 2-Light LED Flood Spot Light
Metzer 5 1/4" High White Solar 2-Light LED Flood Spot Light

Metzer 5 1/4" High White Solar 2-Light LED Flood Spot Light

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Product Details

Tech savvy and a sleek design make this modern dual-head solar hybrid LED flood spotlight a good choice.

Additional Info:

Solar hybrid power brings versatility to this two-light LED flood spotlight built of white finish polycarbonate with a tempered glass solar panel. Take advantage of this energy-efficient light source offering true dusk-to-dawn illumination with a smart-on profile accommodating conditions in varying geographic locations. Long life and tech upgrades add convenience and contemporary operational benefits to a light source offering a higher fixed brightness up to three hours post-dusk, converting to a lower level under moonlight.

  • 10 3/4" wide x 10 3/4" deep x 5 1/4" high. Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Two built-in dimmable 10 watt LED module: 1200 lumen light output, comparable to a 75 watt incandescent. 5000K color temperature. 75 CRI.
  • Modern dual-head solar hybrid energy-efficient LED flood spot light with innovative AI-SMART.
  • White finish over polycarbonate construction. Tempered glass solar panel.
  • Smart-on profile for lighting adjustments based on geographic location.
  • Tailoring 180-degree to 270-degree illumination preference.
  • Intelligent Power Management (IPM) provide continuous illumination for up to 60 plus hours when operating in the smart profiles and it is capable of true dusk-to-dawn lighting in all seasons.
  • Provide a higher fixed brightness up to 3-hours after dusk then covert to reasonable brightness level of moonlight lighting with sensing feature, then pulling up to maximum brightness with movement de
  • Features 30 WH li-poly lithium battery with a life cycle up to 10 times longer than regular lead acid and older technology batteries. Built-in industrial 8 watt solar panel.
  • Embedded with ePIR technology that provides pure digital motion detection with an adjustable detection range of up to 60' x 60' x 180-degree plus direction adjustment flexibility.
  • Standard weatherproof IP-64 weather resistance rated and the operating temperature range is from minus 4-degree F (minus 20-degree C) to plus 125-degree F (plus 52-degree C).