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Firefly LED Large Bath Fixture

Firefly LED Large Bath Fixture

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There are many charming stories and myths about fireflies (or lightning bugs if you prefer), but this is about light, not myth. Fireflies flash their lights in patterns, trying to perfect their best come-hither pattern. This seemed like a good jumping off point for a bathroom light design. Our special Micro Texture glass and the slotted bent metal insets suggest the twinkling patterns of the eager fireflies. And all the while, the two prongs holding the glass beckon you in for a closer look.

  • Product Dimensions: 31.0 inches high, 33.0 inches wide.
  • Uses Other Bases type bulbs.
  • Firefly Bath/Vanity is produced by Varaluz.
  • Finish: Bronze.
  • Made out of Metal.